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Proper search engine optimization results in increased traffic to your website. The first thing you need to do is structure your site in a way that search bots or spiders can read it easily and index it. However, after implementing proper meta tags and structure, the real challenge is just beginning: acquiring enough quality backlinks to rank highly.

Quality Backlinks

Link building plays perhaps the most important role in higher search engine placement. Ranking higher helps drive traffic to your website, but your website will only rank high if it has plenty of quality backlinks from other referring sites. It is important that these backlinks appear natural; if you get too many backlinks too quickly, you will be penalized by the search engines. If you get thousands of links per day, there is a very high possibility that Google will treat your backlinks as 'spam' and your ranking will plummet.

There are many sites which offer 10,000-2,000 backlinks for a few dollars all in a week's time. While it may sound good to have that many links to your site, these low-quality 'spam' links do not help your rankings. These links will only damage your sites rankings and drain your pocketbook all at the same time!

If you are new to SEO or unfamiliar with the concept of backlinks, know that backlinks are links on other sites which point to your web site or blog. Backlinks from other sites are essential if you want your site to appear at the top of the search results. Google puts a large emphasis on backlinks and ranks the websites which have the most quality backlinks (quality is key).

Non-English Site SEO

We are accepting orders for non-English sites. Currently supported languages: French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Danish, Dutch & Swedish.

“Do Follow” or “No Follow” Links

A “no follow” backlink tells Google not to follow the link while crawling the website.  This means that if you place a backlink on a site that is “no follow”, you are getting no benefit from that site. 

Getting inbound links from sites in your niche

Although you can get backlinks from most sites, Google puts more value on “relevant” inbound links.  One of the best way to get relevant incoming links is to participate in the community. We are not talking about signing up and spamming a bunch of forums but rather setting a good example by answering questions. If you have something of worth or some value that you can add to that forum or blog, you can place your links with your answers and this way you get quality backlinks. Just by participating in that community and being part of that conversation people will find about you more as an individual, your business. You’ll have more positive votes.

Sites where you can generate incoming links

While there are many sources of links, just because you can get that link does not necessarily mean it is a quality backlink or that you should hire link building services that focus on these link types.

Participating in Forums – Forums related to your niche market
Article Submission Sites –, GoArticles, Articlesbase, EzineArticles etc.
Social Networking – Twitter, Facebook, etc.
RSS Feeds – Feedbomb, Feedplex, Icerocket, etc.
Press Releases – Businesswire, clickpress, prleap, etc.
Blog Network – Blogs that relate to your niche market

After the introduction of Google Penguin, it is no longer wise to get large numbers of links from article sites, RSS feeds, or press releases. Even low-quality blog networks can be damaging in a post-Penguin environment.
You can set out to gain backlinks on your own, but do you really have the time?  Do you want to spend time finding PR5 - PR10 websites that you can link from and time contacting them effectively?  Do you have the 8-9 hours per day that it takes to acquire quality backlinks? is your answer.  SEOlace provides quality backlinks for the exceptionally low cost. And if you need to give us more detail so we can explain how we will get your site listed on the first result page on google, you can Buy Backlinks.


Work Process

You will receive a list of URLs and backlinks pointing to your website with every order.

We do not SPAM. All of the links we create are authorized by the owners of the website on which the links appear. We do not create backlinks without permission. Rather than creating thousands of links a day, our link building service results in a lower number but higher quality of link. These links will not get deleted and will help improve rankings.

Your links will never be mentioned as "paid advertisements/sponsored links".

Why Hire Us?

  • We do not spam
  • We build quality backlinks
  • Secure your place in Top 5 search results in Google
  • High number of potential customers to your business
  • Reduce your costs
  • Improve your profit margin

How will you get high quality backlinks to your website? SEO Lace recommends and provides focusing on getting high quality links from blogs with a lot of authority. We are not a service that builds "spam" links, directories, or other low quality links. These spam links are an old technique and do not work well in today's environment.

Acquiring these links is not easy, which is why so many rely on to provide quality backlinks at a low cost.